Ireedui Gantogtokh is an Mongolian first entrepreneur who has made a big name in the marketing world. He is an influence, artist, entrepreneur, blogger, to name a few. Aged 20, he was born and brought up in Mongolia. Since childhood, he had keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class. He never hesitated in experimenting. At a very young age he opened his company MEBORNY as known as MEBORNY LLC with a vision of becoming one of the greatest in the Digital Marketing Industry and a full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes. As a social media influence and Marketing Strategist, he promotes social messages, Movies, Brands videos at social media with his influence network of more than thousands of Influencers across Mongolia. Now he is working on MEBORNY, THE MEFOXY CLUB, IZC – IZ Coin